• Project duration: 2013-2014
  • IITT IMPIVA Program. R&D Cooperation Projects
  • Participants: AIMME (coordinator), IBV.

PRODENTAL pursues customization of products in the dental sector, leveraging the advantages of additive manufacturing and application of new biomaterials, combining new properties and new geometries for added value.


  • Project duration: 2013-2014
  • IITT IMPIVA Program. Technology Development Program. R&D self-produced projects.
  • Participants: AIMME

The project AlTiTUD aims  advanced alloys processed by additive manufacturing techniques electron beam (EBM). This particular process is expected to be very favorable position in the aviation industry, not only because of its relevance to the manufacturing methods and times, but by the ability to process a wide range of materials and create complex geometries within a very bounded.



  • Project duration: 2012-2013
  • Program: Clean-Sky. European Union  image015
  • Participants: AIMME (coordinator), CEIT, SAFRAN-SNECMA

AEROBEAM pursues a detailed analysis of the adequacy of titanium 6aluminum 4vanadium processed by EBM, for the manufacture of stator used in commercial and military jet engines study. For it has not only worked on determining the optimal parameters for parts with metallurgical characteristics suitable process, but a detailed study of the dust recycling, –characteristic of additive manufacturing technologies of metal– also performed and the mechanical properties of the manufactured parts.




  • Project duration: 2013-2016
  • Program: FP7-2013-NMP-ICT-FOF (RTD). European Union
  • Participants: TWI United Kingdom (coordinator), MAT Belgium, LPW United Kingdom, BCT Germany, POL France, BER Netherlands, TNO Netherlands, AIMME Spain, SMITH & NEPHEW UK LIMITED, SN United Kingdom, WISILDENT SRL, WIS Italy, GE MARMARA TECHNOLOGY CENTER Turkey, TWO Italy

The project involves the design of a platform for managing a supply chain based on additive manufacturing.

On this platform, a manufacturer may introduce technical specifications (drawings, dimensions, features, materials, manufacturing technology of choice) and the system will identify the closest supplier, production times and how soon have the product in their facilities. The platform will serve as notebook traceability, incorporating all documentation agents and materials used in manufacturing.

The platform is designed, in a first stage, for industrial use by aeronautical and biomedical sectors, but once underway, it is intended that can be opened to other sectors such as toy and ultimately the consumer.

REPAIR  image011

  • Project duration: 2013-2016
  • Program: FP7-AAT-2013-RTD-1. “Air and Aircraft Transport”. European Union
  • Participants: Boeing (Coordinator) , Lufthansa Technik, University of PaderBorn, APR, AIMME, Atos Spain, Avantys Engineering, University of Cranfield, Danish Aerotech, Danish Teknologisk Institut, O’Gayar Consulting 2009 y SLM Solutions

The project investigates the incorporation of additive manufacturing technologies in the generation of spare parts and repairs in-situ aircraft. The value chain with existing technologies will be characterized, develop new technologies, a management ICT value chain platform and the basis for the certification of the whole process with the integrative concept RepAIR” for the manufacture of spare parts will sit and repair of aircraft.



  • Project duration: 2014-2015
  • IVACE Collaborative Projects Program.
  • Participants: IBV, AIMME

Development of production techniques, materials and innovative design solutions aimed at generating refunds custom body structures and guidance systems for implementation.

The overall objective is to develop production techniques, materials and innovative design solutions, aimed at generating refunds of body structures and guidance systems for implementation in the subsectors of the health sector with the greatest impact. All this through the development of high value-added products that meet the quality requirements demanded, anthropometric adaptation and biocompatibility.


  • Project duration: 2014-2016
  • MINECO Collaboration Challenges Program
  • Participants: Lafitt, IBV, AIMME

The aim is to improve the performance of knee implants that are in the market and allow a reduction in the condition suffered soft tissue. With the improvement of implants is expected to post-operative rehabilitation process and facilitate patient.

Another objective is to obtain a new implant with self-alignment capability for the treatment of primary and revision surgeries and provide it with an instrumental system with optimized geometry and dimensions. This will reduce the overall cost of treatment, as it will reduce the period of hospitalization and subsequent rehabilitation.

On the one hand the generation of primary total knee prosthesis is sought with possibility of self-centering positioning compatible with mini-invasive approaches. Secondly, it is generating a revision knee prosthesis, suitable anatomically compatible with the primary systems is sought. Finally, the project aims to develop instruments for primary and revision surgery, adapted to mini-invasive and conventional approaches.


  • Project duration: 2014-2015
  • Program: FECYT aid for the promotion of scientific and technological culture and innovation
  • Participants: AIMME

Workshops on 3D printing for non-college students.

The action is the organization of 4 workshops on Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) and industrial applications with impact on society, aimed at students of ESO, Bachiller and training cycles.

The workshops alternate brief theoretical presentations with practical sessions during which students are additive manufacturing process, manipulate the various parts that can be obtained and tested its applications in the real industrial world. The last part uses the resource “interview / debate” and the students and teachers have the opportunity to ask whatever they want AIMME technicians specialists in this type of production. The approach to issues related to technology and its applications, as well as the initial vocations of technical, his career or his daily work routine is encouraged.

The interview / final debate will be filmed and will be released for short interruptions, for disclosure and dissemination in various media: social networks, other schools, educational websites, web AIMME, etc. It is expected to get at least 5 or 6 cuts, related to the characteristics and applications of additive manufacturing technology itself.