Legislation and Regulations Industrial Licenses and authorizations:

  • Environmental communication, environmental license and integrated environmental authorization.
  • Authorizations for the reception, storage and waste treatment, landfill and bulbs emitting into the atmosphere.

Periodic reports:

  • Plans self-discharges, wastes and emissions.
  • Plans prevention and minimization of RP’s.
  • Solvent management plans.

Environmental and industrial safety legislative audits. Legislation and Regulations Product Verification of industrial safety of machinery and metal products.

  • New Approach directives.
  • Harmonized standards, other standards.
  • Product characterization.
  • Verification of the suitability of metal products in contact with food.
    • Checking suitability of materials in contact with food (Performing migration tests on samples provided, test results and report emission certificate of suitability).
    • Help in the selection of materials during the design process of a metal product in contact with food.