AIMME laboratories specialize in the engineering sector, developing three main areas:

  1. Characterization of raw materials, products and coatings:
    • Verification of compliance with UNE, EN, ISO, DIN, NF, BS, ASTM, SASO, etc., to evaluate mechanical, chemical, physical, electrical, dimensional, functional and durability against chemical and / or weathering characteristics.
    • Tests for obtaining voluntary and mandatory certifications: CE, AENOR mark N, etc.
    • Advice on the certification of raw materials and products.
    • Qualitative and quantitative determination of components.
    • Development of testing protocols for evaluating the physical-mechanical and functional behavior of non-standard products.
  2. Environmental tests:
    • Evaluation of the pollution load of effluents and waste companies.
  3. Equipment calibration services:
    • Calibration of measuring equipment in different areas: dimensional, temperature, mass, pressure, hardness, strength and torque.