The engineering sector comprises a set of both dispersed industrial activities and products for many different industries.

The current lines of R&D AIMME take into account this reality, being relatively horizontal plots of knowledge, wide application:

AIMME bet in this regard by the additive manufacturing of metal such as advanced manufacturing process in sectors such as health, aeronautics, capital goods, consumption, etc.

On the other hand, and from the knowledge in chemical and electrochemical processes linked to the activity of surface treatment, has opened a line of R&D of technologies for application of chemical products (advanced coatings) and processes (advanced water treatment , application of nanotechnology, etc.).

AIMME conducts applied research projects on these lines and other areas of activity, as well as R&D itself or in partnership with companies, provided so that the results of these activities properly reach the industry:

  1. Innovative solutions based on additive manufacturing
  2. Metals and surface treatments
  3. Environment
  4. New products